The Awesomeness Challenge: Smashed!

My Awesomeness Challenge for Hugo’s third birthday, and to celebrate the third anniversary of me being not dead went ahead as planned on Monday 20 February 2017…and

I smashed it!

Not only did I smash the fitness challenge itselfcheck out the video below for highlights of the 12 exercises – but my fundraising target too.

I have so far raised a massive £1,128.16 – that’s 113% of my £1000 target!!

Because of the way JustGiving works, I had to create individual pages for my chosen charities: First Touch, and Tommy’s under one team page. Monies so far donated to First Touch total £598.69, while Tommy’s total is at £529.47.

I say ‘so far’ because the JustGiving pages are still open. So, if you wanted to donate but hadn’t yet got around to it, or are inspired by my video (below) you can still help other families by giving any amount you are able.

If it’s easier to donate by text, here are the details:

For First Touch:

Send the code HCDP80 and your amount £x to 70070

For Tommy’s:

Send the code HCDP90 and your amount £x to 70070.

The Challenge

Two days before the challenge I did a run-through. It was fine, but I must confess thinking “Why on Earth did I say I would do so many of x exercise?!” I knew it was going to be challenging, but that’s why it’s called a challenge, right?

The challenge provided the perfect focus for Hugo’s third birthday. It’s a bittersweet day: memories of such trauma of me being so close to death; our son being born so prematurely. But there are joyful memories too, and much to be grateful for: I am still here; and we had 35 precious days with Hugo. Those days will never be enough, but as we were warned he might be stillborn each of those days is an invaluable gift.

We visited Hugo’s garden that morning:

Happy birthday, Hugo 💖💖💖💖 #HugosLegacy

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After a good lunch to stock up my energy reserves it was time to head to the gym:

I completed my challenge in 49 minutes and 35 seconds! I had no particular target besides just completing it, which considering the number of exercises was no mean feat! Having said that, I got on and did it, with minimum rest in between each exercise. Adrenaline helped carry me through, as did the support of Martin; Nick (Health and Fitness Manager at Bedford Fitness First); my PT Matt; and Lucy, one of my bestest friends.

So without further ado, you can experience the highlights of the Awesomeness Challenge – enjoy!


to everyone who has donated, and who cheered me on online. It really has meant so much to me.

As a result of the challenge, not only have two charities close to my heart got more funds to help with their vital work, but more people are also aware of HELLP syndrome, and about premature babies.

I have also found out more about myself – mainly highlighting how my fitness has transformed in the past year and badass I am! And that I should never, ever doubt myself. I am so proud of myself, and of Hugo’s Legacy.

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  1. Pregnant Eve
    April 11, 2017 at 7:24 am (4 years ago)

    Your form in exercises were quite good. Great job!


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