Hugo’s Legacy In The News


Hugo’s Legacy has been in the news.

Awareness is a key component of Hugo’s Legacy: I am proud that I have been asked to talk about my boy in two major interviews recently.

BBC Radio

The first was a live radio interview for BBC Three Counties Radio. I was called by the producer out of the blue one morning in relation to a story of a lower-league footballer who had tweeted unforgivable taunts to a Bournemouth player, comparing the loss of his baby daughter to the team’s performance on the pitch that night.

Such behaviour is offensive and upsetting – the footballer in question was sacked, and he was widely vilified across social media for such abhorrent behaviour. I haven’t included the offensive words here, but the presenter talks about the content of the tweet in the introduction to the interview.

During my interview, I was asked what I thought about the footballer’s words. I was also asked to talk about how it feels to be a bereaved mother, and the fear I have that Hugo will be forgotten. I mentioned that I thankfully have never been at the receiving end of such abuse as the Bournemouth player, but I have heard some upsetting comments which have been said mainly, I think, because people just don’t know what to say. So, I talked about how in a culture where death and bereavement is still taboo, people frightened of saying the wrong thing can ask the parents what they named their baby. It is an opportunity for parents to talk about their baby, and in the absence of a baby’s usual milestones it is a way of keeping their precious baby’s memory alive.

Here is the link to the interview.

Woman’s Own

Last summer, a photo of Hugo was used fraudulently by a woman on a crowdfunding page. Thankfully, we were made aware of the page before any money had been donated. You can read more about the background to this story in this post.

A journalist from Woman’s Own got in touch asking if they could include Hugo’s story in an article about fundraising fraud – I have been appalled to discover that lengths that people will go to exploit others’ suffering for their own financial gain.

The Woman’s Own journalist was lovely, and I was given the chance to hear my story read back before publication. It is a sensitively-written piece that also provides the opportunity to raise awareness of HELLP syndrome – just getting people to hear about this thankfully rare, but deadly, pregnancy complication has the potential to save lives.



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