Thoughts About the EU Referendum Result

I’ve been thinking about a sunny day back in June 2010 when I was part of a party welcoming Andrew Lansley to my place of work. His visit to Milton Keynes PCT and then the hospital was his first official duty after becoming Health Secretary of the newly-elected Coalition government.

Being a life-long leftie I half expected him to have horns and a carrying a trident, and I was pleasantly surprised at how affable and human he appeared to be.

You might remember that a key promise of that General Election campaign was that the NHS would not be subject to any top-down reform. His visit came the day before his announcement of the plans that became the Health and Social Care Act.

During his visit he gave cryptic clues. The following day we all piled in to the comms office to watch his speech on the telly. Jaws dropped and you could have heard pins drop.

I don’t know where I’m going with this trip down memory lane…perhaps maybe to say that while campaigning politicians will say whatever they think will get you to vote for them and then change when elected. Farage saying the victory was achieved “without a single shot being fired” was beyond the pale: I can’t stand the man but I usually admire his oration skills and now the mask has slipped. Or maybe now Dave has resigned it’s reflecting on everything that’s happened since Cameron was elected PM.

I’ve heard that some who voted leave did so as a protest against austerity, and a vote of no confidence against the government.

I can understand that. Everything feels like it’s in a mess.

I don’t know people’s motivations for voting either way – while I do my best to not judge it does matter, because it highlights issues in our society and because of the divisions that seem to be forming.

I know there was a lot of talk about immigration during the referendum campaign, and it makes me sad to see this morning dear friends who were not born in this country worried about what the future holds for them.

I’m concerned because there seems to be no plan for what happens next, which causes even more fear and uncertainty than there is already.

I hope we can work together and be kind to one another with whatever comes next.

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