The Week That Was: May 1, 2016


All I can say is: horrid. And they’re just going to get worse over the next few weeks. I’m trying to remember that a few weeks of horrendous mental discomfort will mean a more settled me over the longer term, with more tools in my arsenal to deal with those triggers. Taking me back to the trauma does mean I get to reconnect with some beautiful times with Hugo as well as with the terror, which I also try to hold on to. I’m using all the self-compassion and self-care tools I have, which means I am getting my money’s worth from my gym membership…


Last week’s PT session included some pretty heavy weights in a pyramid (starting off with a crazy heavy weight and gradually reducing the weight until even a light weight feels hard because of the number of repetitions you’ve already done). Another session where I thought I was going to throw up!

In between times I’ve been doing more in the gym to challenge myself still further, gaining  tips and ideas from Pinterest and YouTube for all sorts of newfangled ways to torture get myself in shape. I’m genuinely enjoying seeing what my body can do, especially after years of assuming that I’d never be able to do anything like what I am acing now.

I’ve been resting a bit more over the weekend though (catching up with series 2 of Indian Summers), having felt a little grotty. Listening to my body is wise – I’ve been working out a lot, and on reflection possibly haven’t been refuelling quite enough so it’s a good chance to take stock and recharge the old batteries. For me it’s about the long-term sustainable goals, not quick wins that are unsustainable.


Last night my lovely friend Barb and I went to the ballet! The ballet was Swan Lake, a contemporary version by David Nixon that included the classical parts too. It was the first ballet for us both, and we were entranced. The way the dancers glide across the stage, the dancing en pointe, the beauty of the emotions conveyed through the movement…it was exquisite. We now have the bug and are wondering what we shall see next!

Me and Barb

Me and Barb

Brilliance in Blogging Awards

On Friday morning I was delighted to discover that I have reached the shortlist in the Inspire category of the Brilliance in Blogging awards! I’ve written more about what it is and what the awards mean in this post. I’d love your help to reach the final – would you consider voting for me please? It’s a simple form, click on the ‘VOTE HERE’ button – voting closes on May 18,  the finalists are announced on May 27, and the winners are revealed on June 24. Thank you!

Photo a Day

I do love Instagram, and I enjoy the challenges with daily prompts. I’ve not participated in one for a couple of months, and thought I’d set up my own. It’s a bit of creative fun with a serious purpose – stepping outside your daily routine for a little while can help give your brain a bit of a rest. What’s more, thinking creatively can help you think differently, give you a fresh perspective, and boost your overall wellbeing.

You can see the prompts in the image below. Everyone is welcome! There is no obligation to do every prompt, and it doesn’t matter if you miss some, or whatever – there are no pressures.

The challenge is on my Bright Mind Spirit account (@brightmindspirit) and the tag is #bmsphotoaday.

Bright Mind Spirit photo a day challenge!May 2016


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