The Week That Was: March 7, 2016

Hello! I hope you have had a good week.

I’m a day late with my weekly round-up because I wanted to dedicate yesterday to this post about pregnant asylum seekers. Please do take a moment to watch the video that’s in the post, and sign the petition.

Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, and while I wasn’t looking forward to the day I was overwhelmed by all the love and kindness shown to me. People sent me messages, texts, and comments on my social media posts.

Knowing that people were thinking of me and Hugo, and recognising that although Hugo is not here with me I am still a mummy filled my heart.

I have felt loved.

I love my charcoal grey Mother t-shirt that I got in my Blogfest goody bag, and being a lover of bright colour was pleased to see an indigo version appear on the Selfish Mother website. I bought it as a Mother’s Day present for myself, and styled it with brights because life is  beautiful.



I had my second personal training session this week – phew! My PT got me doing circuits involving weights, lunges, sit ups, jumps, lifting a heavy rope, and boxing. I love it! All the activity is designed to send my metabolism in to overdrive and to burn fat.

I especially liked the praise my trainer gave me, saying that he doesn’t usually get such a number of circuit rounds done in a session.

The next morning I went to a spin class – and enjoyed that too.

Doing so well at these activities is a huge boost for me because in PE I was always the girl picked last (sob!). I am clumsy and uncoordinated so rubbish at traditional school sports, there might be more choice in PE activities these days (and if not, there needs to be). Young girls and boys deserve to feel strong and empowered doing the sports that suit them, their bodies, and their abilities. There are sports for everyone – you just need to be able to find them.


Oscar has been enjoying his first trips outside! Since he moved in with us he had been desperate to get out and explore the garden, and spent many hours staring longingly out of the window. Now he has had all his vaccinations we’ve been able to grant his wish.

He loves it! Whenever he returns he is even more affectionate than usual, jumping up for a fuss, purring and miaowing as if he is trying to tell us all about his adventures.

We also get to play that wonderful game of standing in freezing cold air while the cat ponders whether or not they did want to go out, after all.

His explorations have tired him out bless him, and most evenings he is now to be found on the bean bag chair which he has now claimed as his own…

Oscar has adopted the bean bag chair as his throne.

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This post isn’t as action-packed as previous ones: I have been making a conscious effort to relax more, and rest.

I am trying to learn from lessons of before, and not burn myself out. As time has gone on, I am realising I don’t have to prove myself. Therapy has been invaluable in this regard: during last week’s session we talked about self-compassion, and about how to cope with triggers like the yogurt pot that caused a meltdown a couple of weeks ago. Using the yogurt pot as an example, coping involves remembering that yes it is representative of a very traumatic time and it is natural for me to be upset, but I am here now, and I am safe and physically well. It is trying to set in place alternative ways of thinking so I can spend more of my energy on positive pursuits and moving forward.


How has your week been?

2 Comments on The Week That Was: March 7, 2016

  1. Katy
    March 10, 2016 at 9:25 am (4 years ago)

    You are so good having a PT- I am just not dedicated enough for that even though my brother in law is a PT and offered me sessions haha. I also always fancied spinning but the instructor at the gym scared me haha- I am just one big scaredy cat it seems lol!! xxx

    • Leigh
      March 11, 2016 at 7:49 am (4 years ago)

      Aw once baby is out go for it Katy – it’s not as bad as you think, honest! xxx


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