Therapy: Holding Myself Accountable #2

So, here we are – week two of therapy already!

Last week, I was given two homework tasks – how have I done?

Homework Task 1: Get Up at 7.30am most mornings

I have started setting my alarm for this time. While I haven’t yet got up at this hour, waking up at this time and checking my social media etc is progress – previously I’d wake up at least an hour later, and found the waking up really difficult.

This week I shall be working on actually getting up at that time!

Homework Task 2: Go Swimming

I have discovered the changing rooms at my local pool are undergoing a refurbishment – considering my issue with going swimming related to the changing room this wasn’t a good start!

However, I have a free day pass for a local gym with a pool so I am making plans to go and remind myself just how much like swimming lengths.

What am I doing this week?

Yesterday’s session was about coping strategies.

  • Reminding myself that anger does not necessarily equal aggression – and expressing anger is not the end of the world.
  • Reminding myself that ignoring feelings does not make them go away. The tool where you try not to think of a white bear is useful – I was trying to visualise a brick wall, but the blinking thing was climbing up and peering over it. So it is with my intrusive thoughts, and traumatic memories.
  • Meditating, mindfulness, and finding my internal ‘happy place’ to retreat to when intrusive thoughts and/or traumatic memories are bothering me, or anger and anxiety is threatening to get the better of me.

I felt a little faint after yesterday’s session: the effect, I guess, of facing up to things rather than my usual routine of blissful avoidance.

It’s all little steps, and positive progress.


2 Comments on Therapy: Holding Myself Accountable #2

  1. Louise Parry
    January 21, 2016 at 1:40 pm (6 years ago)

    I’ve also started therapy this week, having finally been able to get a referral to a NHS psychotherapist. I’ve had several courses of counselling but the NHS could only give me 6 sessions which wasn’t even nearly enough for me to make any progress. I saw my private counsellor for a couple of years and while she was lovely, it was more about offloading my thoughts than actually tackling the root of them.
    It has taken me 11 years get to this stage and I an equal parts of relieved and angry. Getting multiple types of antidepressants was easy, getting any sort of effective therapy was almost impossible.
    I really hope your therapy goes well for you and that you get what you need from it.
    Huge hugs to you.

    • Leigh
      January 23, 2016 at 12:30 pm (6 years ago)

      Hoping your therapy is going well and gives you the outcomes you are looking for, lovely xxx


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