Christmas 2015, Survived

Well, Christmas 2015 has been survived.

On Christmas Eve Martin and I took Hugo’s presents to his garden. Finding presents that are suitable to withstand the elements outside can often be a challenge, so I was pleased to find these two little robots. They look very cute and cheerful. The penguin (a gift from my Mum to Hugo last year) and a heart-shaped wreath completed the festive look in Hugo’s garden.

Hugo's garden with his new robots.

Hugo’s garden with his new robots.

Hugo's garden on Christmas Eve

Hugo’s garden on Christmas Eve

Sparkly forget-me-nots

Sparkly forget-me-nots

I was amazed to see some forget-me-nots are even blooming – not surprising given the mild weather though. Sparkle from the little glittery Christmas trees had fallen on them which made them seem even more special – like a little gift from Hugo.

Some of the other parents had decorated the trees in our children’s area of the cemetery, which was a lovely touch.

As expected, Christmas Day itself was a relaxed affair with few expectations. Martin and I were at home alone, with good food and wine for company.

I was touched that Hugo had been remembered through some very thoughtful gifts, featuring stars.

Star-themed gifts.

Star-themed gifts.

Martin bought me this beautiful trio of rings – a star, a heart, and a moon in silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. They are handmade and are extra-special because of the symbolism. Sadly they have to be returned to be exchanged for a slightly smaller size.

I wanted to wear them because I loved them so much but after realising when preparing dinner the rings were so loose they could easily end up in the bin with the potato peelings I realised they were much safer back in the box. Hopefully it won’t be long until the new rings arrive and I can wear them with pride without fear of them sliding off.

The beautiful rings from Martin.

The beautiful rings from Martin.

In the event it was all a rather sedate affair because I got a tummy bug that started late afternoon on Christmas Day. I felt really tired all of a sudden, with achy muscles. I was relieved to be able to climb in to bed that night, and was a tad grumpy on Boxing Day because I didn’t feel at all well.

Most of the time was spent on the sofa watching TV and colouring in my new books. I particularly like this one, which has little quotes with the pictures:


“Bravery is daring to try where others would not.”

As a result of the bug I don’t feel bloated or have overeaters’ remorse – every cloud, eh?

Thankfully the bug was short-lived; two days later and I’m right as rain again. Martin and I even got out for a long walk this morning, which led to the consumption of a mince pie earlier this afternoon.


I hope you enjoyed your festive season. My Second Christmas After Hugo post appeared to resonate with many, sadly. If you are missing loved ones I hope the days were peaceful for you.

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    • Leigh
      December 30, 2015 at 2:57 pm (5 years ago)

      Thank you lovely, me too! The rings are beautiful aren’t they xxx


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