More Colouring-In For Grown-Ups

Colouring books for grown-ups have really exploded this year. There is so much choice – so many different books and designs. Choice is great, but how do you know which is best?

While one colouring book might seem much the same to another to some, I think different designs suit different tastes. For example, I love bright, bold colours and designs so I have been loving colouring in The Third One and Only Colouring Book by Phoenix Yard Books.

They’re just as good as the earlier books in the series.


The book boasts a wealth of designs: there are a range of intricate, or bold pictures featuring flowers, animals, houses, or abstract images to name just a few. One of my favourites is great fun and features these cute little monsters….along with some of my favourite masterpieces, as I like to call them!





As with the other books in the range, the books feature good-quality paper that is a pleasure to use with colouring pencils or pens (though beware of Sharpies, they bleed through to the picture on the other side of the paper). The paper in some colouring books can absorb felt-tip pen, making it look squidgy and messy, or feel rough with pencil.

I love its small size, about the same as a glossy magazine handbag edition. I’ll often colour while my other half is watching sport on the TV, and it’s easy to rest it on my lap. I’ve also taken the book on a long train trip – it’s a light paperback so doesn’t add extra weight to my bag.

Phoenix Yard also sent me a beautiful Mandala book to try. The book is much bigger than the regular colouring books, but all the better to house stunningly intricate mandalas, one to each page. My preference for bold patterns rather than intricate ones means I haven’t yet tried it, and the larger size means I’d have to sit at the dining table all by myself (sob!) but they are so pretty I am sure there will come a day when I do sit down and lose myself in a creating a mandala masterpiece or two. The paper feels the same quality as the other books I have tried. In the meantime, I am sure colouring afficionados who are fans of them will love the book, which sells for £9.99.




The Enormous Colouring Book for Adults is just as it promises…enormous! I’ve put a normal pen next to the book so you can get an idea of scale.



It’s full of a range of different patterns such as this kind of Tudor Rose design below that I love, and below that a design that reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk.



Such a huge book would provide perfect entertainment for family occasions and gatherings as a bit of light-hearted fun! It could also be a calming activity after the excitement of Christmas morning (not to mention after lunch, when you’re too full to move…).

If your idea of colouring is more competitive (or you have family members or friends who do things like – gasp! – go over the lines or use questionable colour schemes) a handy touch is that each page is perforated, making it easily removable. That way it’s easy to share the book, everyone can have a (again, good quality paper) page of their own if they prefer. The perforated pages are also helpful for displaying your works of art without fear of tearing them. It sells for £18.99 which considering its size is good value (and there are no parts to lose or get stuck down the sofa like with a board game 🙂 ).

I haven’t tried it yet (I am saving it for a suitable occasion) but know it will be a hit when I do.

So what are you waiting for? Get colouring!


Disclosure: Phoenix Yard sent me these colouring books for review. All words and opinions are mine.

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