The social media jungle drums

A conversation with a dear friend helped put a brief, proud smile on my face.

She mentioned that she’d talked about Hugo with other friends – friends from other groups, and whom I’d never met. These other friends on hearing about Hugo would say things like: “Are you talking about Hugo’s mum?” or my favourite “Oh, do you mean Hugo Boss?”

As I mentioned in this post, Martin and I shared daily photos and updates about Hugo on Facebook and Twitter. Not only was it a time-effective way of keeping all our family and friends updated in one go, it was a source of invaluable support at that difficult time.

Family and friends posted supportive comments, willing Hugo to keep fighting, admiring how he was growing more gorgeous every day, and chuckling at his naughty boy antics.

Thanks to Facebook’s algorithms and the dodgy ‘privacy’ settings, any time our mutual friend had liked or commented on a Hugo update, it appeared on their timeline too, meaning they were also avidly following my son’s progress.

My friend’s friends’ knowledge of Hugo brought a bittersweet pride. Hugo was certainly a special baby, and part of why he was so special was because of his fight for life.

I have said it before, and I shall say it again: I would so much rather we were another anonymous new mummy and baby, with nothing of note to report. However, that isn’t the way our lives went.

My pride is a mother’s pride that so many people around the world know about Hugo, admire his spirit and his courage. It is also a gratitude that he will live on in the memories of people who have read about him, and he will never be forgotten.

As an aside, while our sharing of Hugo’s updates had positive unintended consequences, it did make me think that there is also a cautionary tale there too…the jungle drums of social media can beat far and wide. So, think before you post to avoid negative unintended consequences from a post, or throwaway comment.

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