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Baby Loss and Living with Grief

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    One Boy Will Always Be Missing

    The sun may be shining, I may be smiling, but one boy will always be missing. I may look positive, you might hear me laughing, but one boy will always be missing. You may see me playing joyfully with little ones, having fun – but one boy will always be missing. Last week, three mummies […] Read more…

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    EastEnders: Please Don’t Reach for the TV Remote When the Stillbirth Storyline is Aired

    EastEnders recently announced that characters’ Shabnam and Kush’s baby will be born sleeping – a fate that sadly happens to 17 babies every single day. We see most things on TV these days – violence, sexual assault, bad language – even on soap operas broadcast during family viewing time. For all this, a storyline about […] Read more…


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    I’m An Introvert and That’s Ok

    I’m an introvert and that’s ok. It’s who I am – but it has taken me a long time to accept that fact. We introverts can be misunderstood, you see: our shyness can be mistaken for rudeness; our preference for reading a book over attending a big gathering assumed to be a tendency towards being […] Read more…

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    Sunday Thought: Migrants are People, Too

    Memes shared on Twitter and Facebook have long been berating people from other countries for entering Britain country illegally and getting jobs, houses, cars, served on a plate. The memes aim to create anger and fear amongst hard-working people struggling to make ends meet with rising prices, lower wages, and other real-life struggles (that’s most of us, […] Read more…

Health Communication

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    My #MatExp Action – Bereavement Support for Parents

    STOP PRESS! If you are on Twitter, please join #PNDHour on Wednesday June 3 between 8pm and 9pm. I will be co-hosting a chat about baby loss support. All welcome. Hugo’s Legacy focuses on improving information and communication, especially for parents who have lost a baby. #MatExp is a powerful grassroots campaign that aims to identify and share […] Read more…

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    Language Matters: Health Communication and Baby Loss

    Being in a healthcare environment – whether that be a GP’s surgery or a hospital – can be a hugely disempowering experience. You are likely to feel especially disempowered when you receive bad news – your head spinning, struggling to take in usually complex information. Then, more than ever healthcare professionals of all disciplines need to […] Read more…

Maternity Experience (#MatExp)


  • Channelling the messages from my fab business cards (except for the 'fat' part, of course).

    What a Week: Time to Refocus

    What a week! There are many lovely and exciting things to tell you about, dear readers. But first, a moment of reflection. I’ve been distracted from my blog (I’ve really missed it!) and from my usual self-care techniques by some upsets with people about whom I care deeply. The upsets were on social media – as […] Read more…

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    Communication Matters: Results of the 2014 Neonatal Survey

    Imagine seeing your new baby in an incubator, covered in tubes and perhaps ventilated to help them breathe. Imagine seeing your new baby in pain and there being little you can do to make it better. Imagine being surrounded by unfamiliar machines that beep relentlessly, unfamiliar words, terrifying news, feeling constant bewilderment. Imagine not being able […] Read more…

Postnatal Mental Health

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    Proud to be a member of the #PNDFamily

    I am a proud member of the #PNDFamily. I’d like to tell you how the family has helped me, and what it means to me. The PND Family is the brainchild of wonderful blogger Rosey who created #PNDHour, which takes place on Twitter every Wednesday evening between 8pm and 9pm to: Provide a safe space to discuss […] Read more…

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    Reading between the lines of the news in a digital age

    The media has always been used as a mouthpiece for propaganda, and we too often are given only selected parts of a story. In the digital age, with the wide availability of so many forms of media, we are privileged to be able to easily access the wider issues – and the other side of the story. When I was growing […] Read more…


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    Be Gentle With Yourself

    Today’s Sunday Thought is a very simple one. Be gentle with yourself. It’s a simple thought that is relevant for everyone, whatever your stage in life, whatever you are doing, wherever you are going.We can be so very hard on ourselves trying to achieve often unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves, or piled on by […] Read more…

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    What Does Being Happy Mean, Anyway?

    Happy. What does that word actually mean? It’s a word we hear all the time – whether it’s Pharrell belting out his hit, or contemplations about what we can do to be happy, attain a state of happiness. Happiness. It is a concept we all strive for. And that’s fair enough; who wants to spend […] Read more…


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    Friday Favourites: Summer Holiday Style

    I don’t know about you, but when I go on holiday I think the outfits I choose to pack have to earn their place in my suitcase. My clothes have to be easy to pack (I really can’t be doing with ironing at the best of times, least of all on holiday); be suitable for […] Read more…

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    Clothes As Armour: My Return-to-Work Outfit

    With my anxiety about a return to work after a 15 month absence I was delighted when my favourite shop, White Stuff, offered to send me an outfit to help manage the nerves. This was important to me because many years of low body confidence means I treat outfits as a form of armour. Feeling […] Read more…

Just For Fun

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    Ta-Dah! My Blog Has A New Look

    Ta-dah! My blog (in case you hadn’t noticed!) has a brand new look. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how I’d taken a step off the hamster wheel to consider what direction I wanted to take. Because I’d started writing soon after Hugo died, I’d given zero thought to aesthetics, form, structure…or pretty […] Read more…

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    The Origins of the Society

    “At last”, he said. “We have been waiting for you for a long time.” The woman felt a chill run through her. The events of the past few minutes had thrown her world upside down. Recognising the woman was looking a bit perplexed, he offered her a cup of tea. Deciding the bookseller was eccentric […] Read more…


  • Central Bordeaux.

    7 Reasons To Go To Bordeaux

    Three very happy days were spent in Bordeaux at the end of June. The trip had been very ably organised by Martin. I had so much on my mind, and in a state of mind where I felt unable to plan anything, I knew little about Bordeaux other than that it is a city in France […] Read more…

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    Cornwall’s great gifts

    The natural beauty of Cornwall gave us a great gift recently – relaxation and a feeling of being refreshed and revitalised. Martin and I were tempted to go on holiday shortly after Hugo’s death. We were a mouse click away from booking a trip to Madeira, but hesitated when we realised it was running away only to […] Read more…


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    Review – Phoenix Yard Colouring-In Books for Adults

    Colouring books for adults have been an invaluable resource in helping my mind recover since Hugo died, so I was delighted when Phoenix Yard Books invited me to review two from their range. Both books are full of a wide range of different patterns to colour in, from fun bold designs that are easy to get […] Read more…

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    Clothes As Armour: My Return-to-Work Outfit

    With my anxiety about a return to work after a 15 month absence I was delighted when my favourite shop, White Stuff, offered to send me an outfit to help manage the nerves. This was important to me because many years of low body confidence means I treat outfits as a form of armour. Feeling […] Read more…